1. Hostel facility is available only for boys from std VI to XII. We follow a prescribed schedule, which is strictly adhered in order to invigorate discipline in their routine in creating a healthy life style.
  2. Spacious and well ventilated rooms make our Hostel a home in itself.
  3. Under the encompassing supervision of Boarding Teachers, every resident student at GP experiences emotional security, guidance and comfort with parental care.
  4. A warden manages students' affairs and helps them in every aspect of hostel life.
  5. Boarders are taught the art of dressing to perfection, presenting themselves in a neat, tidy and orderly manner. Passionately ingrained habit helps them acquire our culture and tradition in a delicate way.
  6. Supervised study hours are carried out in the hostels both in the mornings and evenings.
  7. Weekly phone turns enable boarders to stay in touch with their parents.

Extra & Co-Curricular Activities

Talent Search Programmes

  1. Training and Awareness Classes on Solid waste management, Catering, Effective communicative skills, Cleanliness and Hygiene are given to students periodically.
  2. These activities are meant to develop communication abilities and perceptual skills apart from proper utilization of leisure.
  3. The child needs to develop in other areas of his / her personality apart from the academics.
  4. Students are given opportunities to support and work with the local communities.
  5. The provision of activities outside the school will develop the social and other life skills of students.

Music Room

  1. The school provides opportunities for students with an aptitude for music and yoga.
  2. Highly talented tutors are available for music and dance (western and classical) to help the budding musicians and dancers to pursue their interest with ease.

Games and sports facilities

  1. "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy". Therefore, the School provides the environment to encourage students for games and sports.
  2. The games and sports amenities of the school range from courts for games like volley ball, football, shuttle and other indoor games.

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and Meditation

  1. Yoga education helps in self discipline and sel-control, leading to immense amount of awareness, concentration and higher level of consciousness.

  2. The scientific master-system of Yoga in Daily Life teaches how to achieve good health, inner peace and harmony by using Yoga, meditation and spiritual development. Its main goals are: Physical Health. Mental Health.

Karate and Martial arts

Karate and Martial arts

  1. Karate is a martial art developed in the Ryukyu Kingdom. It developed from the indigenous Ryukyuan martial arts under the influence of Chinese Kung Fu