Class Room

  • Big airy class rooms, designed to fit in with the local landscape
  • Central 'heartspace' containing learning resource area stationery room and assembly areas. A place to study socialize or browse the web.
  • Extended car and bike parking facilities for staff, visitors and students.
  • Students are offered a range of enrichment and enhancement activities to broaden their minds and develop self confidence.


  • Hostel facility is available only for boys from std VI to XII. We follow a prescribed schedule, which is strictly adhered in order to invigorate discipline in their routine in creating a healthy life style.
  • Spacious and well ventilated rooms make our Hostel a home in itself.
  • Under the encompassing supervision of Boarding Teachers, every resident student at GP experiences emotional security, guidance and comfort with parental care.
  • A warden manages students' affairs and helps them in every aspect of hostel life.
  • Boarders are taught the art of dressing to perfection, presenting themselves in a neat, tidy and orderly manner. Passionately ingrained habit helps them acquire our culture and tradition in a delicate way.
  • Supervised study hours are carried out in the hostels both in the mornings and evenings.
  • Weekly phone turns enable boarders to stay in touch with their parents.

Medical facilities

  • The health of the child is adequately watched over with hostel.
  • Our school campus is situated near to world class Medical College hospital (5 min drive)
  • No stone is left unturned when it comes to the physical being of any child.

Hostel Mess & Kitchen

    Hostel Mess
  • The hostels mess caters to all the good and nutritional requirements of the students.
  • They are served with a well balanced diet along with milk.
  • The menu for all mean sessions is changed regularly to provide variety and whole some nourishment.
  • The kitchen is well maintained to ensure high standards of hygiene.
  • It is also well furnished with modern methods of cookery replete with contemporary cooking gadgets.